Essential Things to Do for Examination Preparation

With so many colleges and schools and higher number of students studying in them various subjects it is necessary to look upon how well a student has grasped the concepts of a subject. With so many courses and subjects and many students undertaking them, exams are the best way to assess the ability of students in the understanding of the subject. There is fear of exams among students but with proper and well planned preparation they could easily score high marks without any problem. The students should start preparation for exams in a very efficient manner so that they have a good understanding of the subject.

These tips will students to study and prepare in a more effective way and ensure that they do well in their exams. These ideas will help in creating the confidence that is required while one is in the examination hall giving the paper. Students will have to start studying more vigorously in the last few days but if one starts studying in time they can ensure that they do not have a lot of course left and what they have studied is done in a good way and they will remember it also. This will help in learning all the subject matter with ease and have no tension and the second way is through the usage of sample papers.

One more very important tip to study effectively is to use the last year question papers which help them to know the pattern of examination and the topics that are frequently by the examiner. That is why studying regularly can help in creating confidence in the student to give the exams successfully. When it comes to efficiently preparing for exams one needs to make a time table and work accordingly with time schedules given for all the subjects. Efficient exam preparation needs good planning and thus, one needs to follow a schedule which they will follow for exam preparation. This will ensure that students have an easy exam experience.

Thus, one could easily get prepared well enough and there would be no topic left unread. When one plans well they can spend adequate time on each subject and ensure that they study all of them well. Also they would tell one what the correct way of studying is and which subjects and topics need to be given more time. They will definitely tell one how to manage the exams and tips on how one need to prepare so that one could get the highest marks and also be without any tension.

They can also tell you; how to prepare every topic and what necessary precautions to be taken care of while studying for exams. One should take care about ones diet and get adequate amount of sleep. One should sleep well before giving the exams so as to keep the mind fresh and without any tension. All these things are very important and with negligence students might not do well in the exams due to these problems.

One should have a regular and normal routine which will ensure that one is able to take care of their health in a good way. One should be regular in his daily practices which will enable them to work harder and give their best in the exams.

Why Does Organic Chemistry Have Such Low Exam Averages

If you are currently taking organic chemistry, or perhaps have heard from a friend or fellow student who has already taken the course, you likely heard something to the effect of “Organic Chemistry Averages Are Really Low”. Don’t let this idea scare you. Instead, try to understand why the averages are so low, and then see how you can be the student who is ‘above average’

These specific exams are designed to be difficult. It’s not a trick or a secret, it is simply the way it has to be. This is due to a number of reasons

The Average College Student Is NOT Used To Thinking
Don’t laugh, I’m not kidding. As an orgo tutor I have noticed this trend among hundreds of students from the community college level all the way through the Ivy Leagues. The average ‘good’ student is used to learning a concept, memorizing a formula, and attempting to plug the data into this formula

Enter organic chemistry, and this method flies right out the window. There is no simple formula that you can follow. And there definitely won’t be a step by step equation you can plug in. Since your exam will require you to apply concepts you have learned to tricky questions you have never seen, you will undoubtedly be caught off guard

If The Exams Were Easy You Wouldn’t Study As Hard And Soon Fall Behind
Sad but true. Your professors are actually doing you a favor by giving you difficult exams. If you anticipate an easy exam you will not study as hard. When you do not put your full efforts into your studies you will not remember the details as clearly. If you do not have a very thorough comprehension of the beginner concepts you will have an impossible time attempting to learn and understand reactions down the line

This Material Is Just Plain Difficult
Yup, you probably didn’t want to hear this one, but it’s true. Organic chemistry is a giant puzzle that takes careful analysis, many hours of study and lots of practice. Most students simply don’t have the time, effort, or dedication to devote what is needed to the difficultly level of this course. And so when exams roll around they do not fully understand the questions. Missing a point here and there results in a low grade

With this level of difficulty you will have an extreme range of grades. I’ve seen scores as low as single digits, to the level of 80’s and 90’s. Where you score on the other hand is entirely up to you. This information is meant to arm you, not scare you